First Iron

Gulf and Western - Pennsylvania Malleable Division

Landis Foundry

Watts - Franklin Facility

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry

Lodge Manufacturing

Seneca Foundry

Grede Iron Mountain

International Harvester - Memphis Nodular Iron Foundry

Landis Tool Company

Iowa Malleable Iron Co.

Progressive Foundry

Buick Aluminum Foundry

General Electric - Erie Foundries

Central Foundry Pontiac Plant

Bonnot Foundry

Star Pipe USA

Harvester Foundry

Grede - Iron Mountain

Lynchburg Foundry Company - Archer Creek

Warman Equipment

Donegal Steel Foundry

Grinnell Company, Inc.

John Deere Waterloo Foundry

Ford Cleveland Casting Plant

Casting Ros S.A.

Nibco - Blytheville

The Weatherhead Co. Brass Mill

The Williamson Heater Co.

John Deere Waterloo

Saginaw Malleable Iron Plant

Kaiser Company, Inc.

John Deere Waterloo - Electric Foundry

CFD Tonawanda (1954)

CFD Tonawanda (1965)

Chevrolet Foundry, Plant 3

Richmond Casting Co.

Richmond's Foundry

Bahn Foundry Corporation

Fairbanks Morse Co.

Kelsey Hayes Wheel Co.

John Deere Foundry Waterloo

Yonkers Works

C.F.D. Tonawanda

C.F.D. Saginaw Line 6

Crane Co.

U.S. Steel

Lynchburg Foundry Company

Viking Pump

Grinnell Corp.

Wagner Havana

John Deere Component Works Foundry

International Harvester - Memphis Iron Works